Admirable, O Daedalus, Your Son

by The Loom of Time

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We are The Loom of Time

A D M I R A B L E, O D A E D A L U S, Y O U R S O N

An exploration of human potential through a retelling of the Icarus myth.


released June 20, 2016

Heath Burkill - Bass guitar
Jason Hendricks - Vocals
Matthew J. Ratcliffe - Guitars
Steven Reid - Drums

Recorded at Tommirock Studios, Newcastle in May 2015
Engineered and mixed by Mitta Norath
Assistant Engineer - Josh Sullivan
Mastered by Chris Bauer at Audio Mastering Service

Music and Lyrics by Matthew J. Ratcliffe

Additional drums by Mitta Norath
Additional bass by Matthew J. Ratcliffe

Orchestral samples from EASTWEST
Logo by Raoul Mazzero of View from the Coffin
Layout by Josh Gaffney
Managed by Millie Leggett
Cover art is "The Lament for Icarus" (1898) by Herbert James Draper, and is in the Public Domain

Thanks to our significant others, families, friends, pets, and patron deities.
Special thanks to Alexander Simmons and Koray Yigit




The Loom of Time Aberdeen, Australia

Black. Death. Doom. Metal.

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Track Name: The Wings of Ingenuity
Father, for all of your invention,
What have you to show?
The seas you see around you,
Are controlled by those below.

You have been merely an instrument,
Strings plucked by lesser hands,
It's time to ply your trade, father,
And execute your plan,
We should not decay in a prison of your design,
I will rise and take the life that's mine!

Our bodies grow weak,
Our kingdoms fall,
But the deeds of our heroes,
Live on in mankind's thoughts.

Let us be that great!
Let us not succumb!
To the sin of mediocrity,
And the regret of deeds undone.

Strap the wings of ingenuity,
To the arms of unfettered will,
And Crete can have her foolish king,
And we can have the world.

"Too close to the waves,
And the feathers will dampen,
Too close to the sun,
And the wax will melt."

Father was there ever any danger,
That your son would ever dare to fly too low,
That the man I am would ever be a stranger,
And the name of Icarus would not be known?

I will be the first man,
To fly so high,
That the people of earth,
Will call me divine.

The heavens will no longer be the gods' own land,
Or is this what it takes to be more than a man?

I cannot help but be greater than all!
I was fated to have a soul that soars!

Higher! Higher!
Silence my father!
Only now, high above the sea,
Have I become the man I was to be.

Higher! Higher!
'Til I can feel that fire.
Look on me, o men of earth, in awe,
Pursuit of divinity is what this life is for!

In that fleeting moment,
When I realise what I've done,
There's no terror in my eyes,
Though I'm blinded by the sun.

My muscles relax,
As my feathers flee,
My eyelids close,
As I tip towards the sea.

Note my smile, o father,
Though I know to where I go,
A greater deed of men is mine,
I know what none have known.

No regrets!
Greatness is my legacy!
Daedalus my father, name these waters for me!
My eyes are open as I go into the sea!